Acoustics on target

Several deployment possibilities

  • The seaCHIRP™ offers deployment possibilities. Thanks to its modularity, the system has already been deployed using a wide variety of vessels, from a 4.7 m inflatable boat to 40 m survey boat.
  • Each survey vessel is different, with varying onboard equipment. Depending on these characteristics, the seaCHIRP™ configuration can be modified to fit the launching and recovery vessel requirements.
  • A crane or an a-frame is generally used to launch and recover the seaCHIRP™ but it is also possible, for the smallest ships, to mobilise the seaCHIRP™ onshore, dropping the system from a quay, a pontoon or a slipway and then towing it to the survey site
  • Tailor-made installations, for example directly beneath the vessel hull or pole - mounted are also possible if required.
    The seaCHIRP™ can be coupled with other equipment types, to meet the requirements of surveys that needs several data sets such as UXO surveys.
  • 2D and 3D versions of the seaCHIRP system have already been successfully utilised alongside a variety of different surveying systems, including Side Scan Sonars, Magnetometers and Multi-Beam Echo-sounders.

Mobilisation examples


  • Versatile enough to meet the requirements of the vessels available to the client
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Easy and low cost worldwide transportation and installation due to its modular design