Acoustics on target

The standard seaCHIRP™ (renamed 2D)

Successfully completed 1000’s of surveyed line kilometers.

The end product is a 2D seismic section of specular reflections arising from a broadband vertical wavefield.

It is ideally suited for surveys where detailed interpretation of the underlying stratigraphy is the survey objective. Also the tool of choice when quick data turn-around is critical. 

Beam characteristics :

  • Foot print (m) ≈ 0.26 * water depth
  • Aperture ≈ 15°

Super Wideband Chirp Technology 

Frequency bandwidth:  4.5 octaves

  • Deep penetration with high resolution
  • Analysis of difficult seabeds (coarse or consolidated sediments)
  • Detection of small buried objects (e.g. 6’’ pipes)
  • Customizable signal to optimize results according to client requirements / survey conditions

Main applications: 

  • Complex seabed geology (diffraction, attenuation…)
  • Fine-scale, detailed sea-floor stratigraphy studies
  • Pipe / cable detection

seaWING: streamlined acoustic array 

Advanced design hydrophone array

  • An innovative design for better transversal directivity (±7.5°)
  • Filter side echoes in order to improve measurement interpretation and buried object positioning

Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS) processing 

  • 30 cm longitudinal resolution, even at a depth of several dozen meters
  • Clear distinction between objects in close proximity
  • Obtain accurate imaging of seabed structures (e.g. landing sites)
  • Analysis of difficult seabed lithologies (coarse or consolidated sediments)

seaCHIRP™2D Data


Deployment & Integration

Consult our "deployment & integration" page for several exemples with our seaCHIRP™ in use



Presentation of the seaCHIRP™2D

Technical specifications